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Balancing nitrogen between food production and climate change

Balancing nitrogen between food production and climate change

Johannes Lehmann, Deborah A. Bossio, and Dominic Woolf highlight, on The Hill, the role of nitrogen management in reducing emissions.

The C3 Take
  • Nitrogen can have both positive (increased food production) and negative (increased greenhouse gas emissions) effects on our planet.
  • Further understanding nitrogen’s role moving forward will be done by enabling farmers and the free market to work together to find a solution.

“It is very clear that only a joint view of organic carbon and nitrogen management will provide the synergies needed to address both food security and climate change. These goals can only be delivered in an effective way by working from the ground up, starting with those who manage the land and providing the site-specific and dynamic information systems that allow a systems view of soil health management. In our opinion, only a joint platform to address the carbon-nitrogen nexus in soil health management will accomplish that.”


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