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Argonne materials scientists pursue a new generation of batteries

Argonne materials scientists pursue a new generation of batteries

Kristen Mally Dean of Argonne National Laboratory writes on how scientists are pursuing a new generation of batteries.

The C3 Take
  • The current battery market is dominated by lithium-ion batteries, as they are lightweight and cost effective to produce, but researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are looking to advance the innovation of solid state batteries.
  • Solid state batteries are currently expensive to produce, but offer advantages over lithium-ion batteries including improved safety and energy storage capabilities.
  • Our national labs are incredibly important to advancing clean energy solutions.

“’Solid-state batteries can store more energy, are safer, and take up less space,’ said Jessica Durham, of Argonne’s Applied Materials division, who works with fellow materials scientist Albert Lipson to produce innovative solids to replace liquid materials in batteries. ​’The manufacturing processes and technologies we’re developing at the MERF have specific advantages — faster processing, pressureless sintering, large-scale uniformity and higher density — over those currently used.’

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