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Americans Know Energy Is Infrastructure

Americans Know Energy Is Infrastructure

Heather Reams of CRES writes in RealClearEnergy that Americans know energy is infrastructure.

The C3 Take
  • Americans across the political spectrum are in favor of sensible infrastructure proposals, not bloated government spending bills.
  • In order to update our roads, bridges, ports, and grids Congress must first look to streamline regulations that slow down key projects.
  • With so many people looking to Washington to update our infrastructure, the Biden Administration would do well to work across the aisle instead of pursuing purely partisan objectives.

“Americans know what infrastructure is, and they know energy is central. Infrastructure affects everyone, everyone agrees it needs to be repaired, and everyone should have a stake in its success. President Biden and the Democrats would be making a huge mistake to try and shove yet another expensive, partisan spending package this summer in the name of infrastructure. It’s time for them to reach across the aisle and work seriously on behalf of America.”

Read the full article here.

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