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Highlights of the Center for American Progress’s “Climate Deniers” who are Promoting Climate Solutions

Below is a list that highlights the Republican members of Congress who the Center for American Progress (CAP) labeled as “The Climate Deniers of the 117th Congress” who are actually promoting solutions to climate change.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

“The climate is changing. Humans and global industrial activity are contributing. Thankfully, there are realistic free-market solutions that will lead us in the right direction.” (Source)

“Hydropower is one of America’s top renewable energy sources and accounts for roughly 70% of our clean energy in Washington state. Building a clean energy future doesn’t happen without prioritizing the continued development of hydroelectric energy resources. The way we solve the climate crisis is through free-market technological innovation…” (Source)

Rep. David McKinley

“Climate change is the greatest environmental and energy challenge of our time, and our government is failing to meet it.” (Source)

“Solving for climate change can’t depend upon the world reaching an agreement on how much more we’re willing to pay for cleaner energy. That’s an argument with no end in sight— and we don’t want to keep fighting about it. Instead, we can work together to adopt policies that will make clean energy technologies for all fuels affordable — solar, wind, hydro and other renewables, as well as nuclear, carbon capture for fossil fuels, energy efficiency, storage, and other technologies that will make the grid more secure, resilient, and affordable. At the same time, we can establish rational, ambitious regulations to guide their use as they become increasingly affordable.” (Source)

Rep. Kevin Brady

“We believe that the key to successfully tackling climate change is American innovation. Innovation is what made America the global energy leader, and what will make us the driving force behind clean and affordable energy as a realistic, practical solution to greenhouse gas emissions.” (Source)

“Instead of raising taxes on working families in America who can least afford it, the answer to decreasing emissions is found by empowering American innovators to create global clean energy solutions. If we want to export clean energy technologies to every corner of the globe to reduce greenhouse gases, we must remove foreign barriers to American innovators.” (Source)

Rep. Steve Womack

“This is the second opportunity we have had this year to discuss climate change. I am hopeful that we can examine common sense solutions that balance environmental challenges with our nation’s economic needs and budgetary reality. … Nuclear energy is important to both our power supply and addressing climate change … It is my hope that we can come together to support market-based solutions that make clean energy more affordable and reliable, create jobs, and address climate change challenges.” (Source)

Sen. Todd Young

“I believe the climate is changing. I believe that all flora fauna and human beings have some impact on that. I also believe fervently that we can protect our environment without wrecking our economy.”(Source)

Sen. Marco Rubio

“Climate change is causing real problems. Real problems deserve real solutions. Many of the proposed ‘fixes’ for climate change are unrealistic & dangerous.” (Source)

Rep. Gary Palmer

“I understand the climate is changing, and I think that CO2 emissions have a warming effect.” (Source)

Rep. Buddy Carter

“Climate change is real and the need to protect our environment is real. I want to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to create solutions to address climate change that are realistic, market-based and will actually have an impact on climate change. We should also be focusing on proposals that will create American jobs instead of killing them.” (Source)

Sen. Thom Thillis

“Climate change does pose real long-term challenges to our country and the rest of the world. Economic prosperity and protecting our environment are not mutually exclusive goals. I believe we can address climate change with realistic and responsible market-driven solutions that foster innovation, competition, and economic growth.” (Source)

Rep. Mike Simpson

“I don’t know anyone here or anyone in Congress that denies the fact that climate is changing and there is an impact we need to address.” (Source)

Sen. John Barrasso

“Free-market innovation — not government regulation or taxation — is the best way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”(Source)

Sen. Cynthia Lummis

“Those who say climate change is an existential threat are completely mistaken. We do have time to address this. We should address it.” (Source)

Rep. Patrick McHenry

“Instead of voting on another political messaging bill we should focus on what Congress can actually do to address climate change. We should expand clean energy deployment to communities throughout the U.S. and pursue innovative, market-based solutions that help the environment.”(Source)

Rep. Darin LaHood

“The climate is changing and I believe humans play a role in that. There is no doubt about that. … I am supportive of a clean energy policy. What does that mean? That means clean coal, it means solar, it means wind.” (Source)

Rep. Billy Long

“I share your desire to reduce carbon emissions as any right-thinking person would, I would think.” (Source)

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann

“Any serious conversation about the future of America’s energy production must include nuclear energy, which accounts for 20 percent of all American energy production and 55 percent of American carbon-free-energy production.” (Source)

Rep. Bill Johnson

“What’s going to really address the climate concerns across the globe is innovation.”(Source)

Sen. Mitch McConnell

“The question is how do you address it. … The way to do this consistent with American values and American capitalism is through technology and innovation … not to shut down your economy, throw people out of work. (Source)

Rep. Markwayne Mullin

“Republicans have proposed commonsense solutions to climate change that are good for the environment and our economy, but Democrats have continually let the most radical voices dominate the conversation.” (Source)

“While investing in clean energy is an important piece of the puzzle, the wind isn’t always blowing and the sun isn’t always shining. We truly need an all-of-the-above energy strategy in order to keep the lights on at a price American families can afford.”(Source)

Read the full list here.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of C3.

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