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A pathway to effective climate policy: Rely on markets

A pathway to effective climate policy: Rely on markets

Michael Schwartz writes in The Washington Examiner that markets present the best pathway to effective climate policy.

The C3 Take
  • Solutions that are rooted in open markets and free enterprise have been shown to be the most effective at protecting our environment and tackling climate change.
  • While the government has a role to play, it is the private sector that should be leading the way in reducing emissions.
  • Moving forward, the United States should adopt a climate mitigation and adaptation strategy that unleashes the power of innovation and the free market.

“While many climate activists appear to distrust the market in favor of governmental intervention, the market is the most effective tool we have to affect economic transitions, and we need to rely upon the private sector and, specifically, private capital to drive decarbonization in a deliberate and effective manner.”

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