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A new fusion power station will mimic the Sun to provide limitless energy

Chris Young writes in Interesting Engineering about a nuclear fusion project.

The C3 Take
  • EuroFusion is set to construct a fusion power station in the coming years.
  • Fusion replicates the reaction that stars and the sun use to produce energy, and could produce limitless clean energy.
  • The first of its kind facility will include a 300 to 500 megawatt tomahawk reactor.
  • If successful, this could be a crucial step to bringing affordable and reliable nuclear fusion to market.

“Aside from aiming to demonstrate the net production of 300 to 500 hundred megawatts of electricity, DEMO will also demonstrate new innovations such as remote maintenance and tritium breeding. Tritium breeding will allow operators to produce tritium fusion fuel on-site and will be a crucial component for commercial fusion operations in the future.”

Read the full article here.

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