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A Consensus Climate Solution Grown on the Farm

A Consensus Climate Solution Grown on the Farm

As Charles Hernick writes on RealClearEnergy, the Growing Climate Solutions Act helps farmers and ranchers access carbon markets.

The C3 Take

  • If enacted, the framework for voluntary climate action would open the door for farmers, ranchers, and private landowners to supplement their income by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering emissions in soil and biomass.
  • The climate bill would grow the market for a wide range of projects including land or soil carbon sequestration, livestock emissions reductions, reforestation, and improved grassland management, including prescribed grazing.

“Climate hawks should be encouraged by the laser-focused and limited federal effort envisioned by the Growing Climate Solutions Act. Big government should not by synonymous with big climate action. By facilitating many more people and companies to take matters into their own hands and get credit for implementing best carbon management practices—or financing those practices—the scale of the solution grows.”

Read the full article here.

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