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44.01 secures $5M to turn billions of tons of carbon dioxide to stone

44.01 secures $5M to turn billions of tons of carbon dioxide to stone

Devin Coldewey of TechCrunch writes on 44.01, a mineralization company.

The C3 Take
  • 44.o1, which is named after the molecular weight of carbon dioxide, is a startup that is turning atmospheric carbon dioxide into stone through a process called mineralization.
  • 44.01 is seeking to accelerate the natural process of mineralization by pumping carbonated water that is collected via carbon capture into drilled holes in rocks, providing long term storage of carbon.
  • While the company believes it will need more financing to grow its operations, 44.01 is proof that the private sector is best equipped to lead the way in reducing emissions.

“The holes would maximize surface area, and highly carbonated water would be pumped in cyclically until the drilled peridotite is saturated. Importantly, there’s no catalyst or toxic additive, it’s just fizzy water, and if some were to leak or escape, it’s just a puff of CO2, like what you get when you open a bottle of soda.”

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