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Facts, Not Fear, Should Drive Biden’s Climate Change Policies

Facts, Not Fear, Should Drive Biden’s Climate Change Policies

Nick Loris and Dan Negrea write in The National Interest that facts, not fear, should drive Biden’s climate change policies.

The C3 Take
  • Climate change is real and solutions that are used to address it should rely on free enterprise and private sector innovation.
  • Degrowth policies that increase government size and reduce economic competitiveness would fail to meaningfully tackle climate change and would hurt human prosperity.
  • To truly address climate change we must pursue solutions that are rooted in economic freedom.

“Climate change is a problem that requires prudent management, not society-transforming plans that will create little overall change if developing economies do not follow suit…In their commendable zeal to protect the planet, policymakers must not be overly ambitious that they do not react to the problem in a way that compromises their country’s economic and national security interests.”

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