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Climate Media vs. Climate Science

Climate Media vs. Climate Science

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. writes in The Wall Street Journal about the misinformation of climate science in the media.

The C3 Take
  • Climate change is real, but the claims by the media and certain activists that it will lead to the end of humanity are not backed by science.
  • Several scientists have gone on record saying that while climate change is real, the doomsday scenarios are not.
  • The climate anxiety invoked by fanciful worst-case scenarios does more harm than good. Through smart investments in innovation and unleashing the power of free markets, we can lower our emissions and make our world a better place.

“A bigger moment of truth will come with a book by Steven Koonin, a theoretical physicist and chief scientist of the Obama Energy Department, demonstrating what the science—the plain, recognized, consensus science—says about climate change: It won’t be catastrophic.”

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