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12 Years to Disaster? How Climate Activists Distort the Evidence

12 Years to Disaster? How Climate Activists Distort the Evidence

Aaron Brown of the Reason Foundation explains how climate activists distort scientific evidence in order to implement radical solutions.

The C3 Take
  • The claims from activists and politicians that the Earth will end in 12 years are unscientific and false.
  • While there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real, we still have time to lower emissions.
  • Many of the “solutions” being proposed by climate alarmists are shortsighted and would do more harm than good.
  • If we truly want to address climate change, we must do so through rationality and the following of scientific evidence.

“This is where the 12-years-until-disaster alarmism becomes toxic. Lowering 2030 temperatures significantly requires wide-scale geoengineering—for example, scattering glass beads on arctic ice or injecting sulfur into the stratosphere to reduce the temperature immediately (the IPCC report emphasizes carbon sequestration, a possibly less risky form of geoengineering, but also says that sequestration and emission reductions are not enough). Crude, dramatic rules like banning coal or outlawing airplanes could slash emissions quickly, but the effects would not be fully felt in temperatures for up to a decade. Moreover, those approaches increase the human impact on the environment and introduce more uncertainty into future climate. They may bring down global temperatures by 2030, but at the cost of introducing greater long-term uncertainty and possibly tripping more catastrophic cascades.”

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